Worth reading instead of writing well

If I have two options –
One is that,
‘I should write so accurately that people are compelled to read what I have written’
And the second is that,
‘I live such a life that people are forced to write on my life’
So which option would I prefer? The mind will always be ready to like the first option.
Because, there is no major challenge and no particular difficulty in succeeding.
Whereas in choosing the other option the mind will always retreat.
Because, the challenge is huge and the success is also doubtful.
Despite this, we will say this much that this world is looking a little too good today, so the credit for it goes to good literature more than to good literature.
Although ,
Even one with bad conduct can write well and one with good conduct can write well, but those whose behavior is good and the writing is also accurate and poignant, the treatment they have done on this world is indescribable.
The question is not ours, but ours.
The question is not ours, but ours.
Should I be such a litterateur that people should not read without resting me or should I be such a moralist that people do not get restless without writing on me?
The message is clear.
It is possible that a soldier is not a good musician. But there must be a good warrior.
A person can walk if he does not have richness. But humanity should be in it. Likewise,
I cannot have the ability to be a writer, it can go on, but it should always be in me.
A very important point in this context – Deepak does not need to speak about himself,
His light keeps on speaking about him. In this way, a virtuous person does not need to speak about himself, his good conduct keeps talking about him. You must have understood what I want to say.

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